Martes, 27 Octubre 2015 17:33

Strategy to Strengthen the Cassava Chain in the Caribbean Region

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In the Caribbean region, and based on some activities that CLAYUCA has been implementing in Jamaica, the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation of the Colombian Government (APC-Colombia), has requested from CLAYUCA a proposal to promote development of the cassava sector in five countries (Barbados, Jamaica, Suriname, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago). The proposal has been approved and CLAYUCA and APC are interested in presenting it to FAO, CARDI and other organizations and institutions in the region, that are already supporting cassava-based activities in the Caribbean region activities based on the cassava cop.

The CLAYUCA proposal has been divided in two phases:

  • Phase I, to be implemented between September and December, 2015, and
  • Phase II, to be started in 2016.

For implementing Phase I, we will promote, in close collaboration with the Ministries of Agriculture and other institutions in each country, the organization of a Promoter Group (PG) which will be in charge of coordinating all the activities to be conducted.

The main task for each PG during the rest of this year will be to formulate an Action Plan, which must include the strategies and activities proposed for supporting cassava development in each country, starting in 2016. To facilitate the work of the PGs, we have designed a Capacity Building Exercise that will include the participation of six persons from each country in three international meetings that will take place during the coming months (2 persons per country in each meeting).

The Strategy it is a rather different approach that puts a lot of emphasis in capacity building, and that is totally open to include alliances, collaborative efforts.


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