Martes, 22 Diciembre 2015 14:53

International Workshop on Technologies for Agro-industrial Development and Market Diversification for the Cassava Crop, Kingston Jamaica, December 14 to 18, 2015

This event was designed with the main objective of allowing the members of the promotor group, in the five countries, to obtain a first-hand knowledge of the cassava production and processing systems that are been used currently in Jamaica. Recently, a cassava processing plant for the production of refined cassava flour for use in human consumption was donated to the Government of Jamaica, by the Government of Colombia, and the plant will start operation in the next coming weeks.

The participants in the workshop had the opportunity to see the plant in operation and to receive hands-on training about the different technological, operational and quality control aspects required for obtaining a good final product.
The workshop included visits to private sector companies that are processing cassava-based food products for human consumption (bread, bammy, snacks), experimental stations with evaluation trials of improved cassava varieties and research institutions working on food product development. Cassava farmers groups that are starting to use mechanized planting and harvesting of cassava also visited.
Additionally, there was work sessions included in the agenda, during which the representatives of each Promotor Group presented the first draft of the Action Plan proposed for promoting the development of the cassava crop in each country.

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